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Well something has to protect this site!

These are my guardians. Beware they do bite!
Oh, and please GO AND GET YOUR OWN!
These are mine, and you can't have 'em! So don't touch anything!
Right click your mouse and die.
****you were warned****

Looking for a guardian? Go to my Adoption Center!

Scroll to see my guardians!

List of Guardians:

Bethanya-the guardian of all felines

Bananna Dripy Esquire the fourth- my ice cream

Golden Topaz Birthstone Mouse- yep, my B-day's in November

Vikki- I love her dress

Juliette- She reminds me of someone I know IRL

Jessica- I like her wings, they is pretty!

Maurice- He's a cool guy, don't ya think?

Rachel- Now here's a really pretty summer fairy

November- Hey! It's pretty birthstone angel

D'Orange Sherbert- Look who I found fluttering about my guestbook!

Kayleena- a female senoch!

Zippima- my Neopet

This Is Bethanya, she is the gaurdian of all felines.

I adopted bananna ice cream. It's name is Bananna Dripy Esquire the fourth.

Keep your filty mouse off of him! He may drip, and heavens knows where that mouse has been! Get your own ice cream here:

Vikki Juliette

I adopted my Dolls from The Sight FightsGo to the Fairy realm
Jessica Maurice Rachel November
Hey, it's Fairy D'OrangeSherbert!

This is Kayleena! Another Senoch!

Zippima my NeoPet!