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I'm currently taking requests for computer or hand drawn pictures(including animations). More elaborate and specific work may take some time, but I do not charge for images. I also do photo manipulation, web design, and other misc. tasks.

Scroll down and fill out the form please.


I edited this pic. It looks cool, doesn't it?

Your Name:                                  
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Do you want an image?
If you don't want an image or an image of a character please describe here:
Your Characters name:
Character's age:
Is your character an anthro/furry?:yes
Character's species (describe):
Character's most common moods/personality/emotion you would like to be displayed:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Fur colorations:
Scars, markings, or anything else:
Do you want an animated picture (note: gifs will be med-small and w/background only if specified)yes
Anything else I should know (background):

Any additional questions can be directed to my E-Mail:

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