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Zorros solamente.

This page is all about foxes! They're my favorite animal. I've drawn foxes all of my life, and I never tire of them! Red foxes I think are the most beautiful out of them all. I hope if you're doing a report on foxes, that you'll find this site interesting. Enjoy!

For more fox information and pictures check out my links page!

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Red Fox Facts:

The Red fox lives in North America, and Europe.

Red foxes live in dens they either take over from another animal, or it may dig a den of its own in loose soil.

The female fox, or vixen, lives all of her life near the den to protect her young.

The Red fox is a member of the dog family, and is recognized by it's pointy muzzel, large ears and white tipped bushy tail.
The fox's body is slender and agile.
The fur can be reddish or sandy in color, with black paws. It's throat, underparts, and the tip of it's tail are white.

Sometimes Red foxes "turn black". Their coat can have a mix of black fur usually from the middle of its torso to its tail.

The female has four or five pups around March or April ( but can have up to ten ). Some of the pups may be reddish, silver, or dark in color. The male is a good father and brings food to the vixen while she is Nursing her young. When givin the chance, both parents will go and hunt to feed their family.

Pups start eating meat when they are about one month old. The family still stays together till fall or early winter.

Fun Facts:

The fox knows many tricks to loose hunters, like running along fallen logs, doubling back, or wading in a stream.

Foxes can contract the disease called rabies, which causes animals to become "mad".

The male is called a dog, the female a vixen, and the young are pups.

A group of foxes is called a skulk.