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Información sobre los amigos de Foxetta.

This page is all about my friends, as you can clearly see. If you'd like to meet them or talk to them I've included thier AIM screen names.

Cally Cat

Cally Cat! pic and char (c) of Cally Highfield

AOL sn: ChicaVioletCola

What she looks like:
-Anthro cat
-18 years old
-coloration: Hair= blonde Fur=Blue but white on cheeks, paws, feet, belly and tail tip Nose= black Eyes= blue Claws= (always out) black, wears bandage on tail
-She's crazy, but has a heart of gold

**Wanna be my friend? Talk to me sometime! I'll be in my trailor(not). Just kidding, I'm not rich and famous yet. Check out my chat!