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As you might have already guessed I've changed a few things. I hope you like it. If you do, please let me know.

   The full blue moon rises and the pale moonlight envelops the land. A lion bellows out into the crisp dry air, and then it is silent. A lone wanderer walks the path through the tall savanna grasses. In this unfamiliar territory he stops for nothing. There is no safety for such a small vagabond as he. Tired and wounded he silently follows the well troden path. Perhaps it leads to water, an open field, or a den. What keeps him going? He clings to a false hope that he will be one day reunited with someone from his past, fall in love again, and become what he was destined to be.

revolvin orange crush

     Qué Pasa?     

Hey! I finally made some updates. It's about time. Well, I had my year off I guess. /._.\;
I totally revamped the site. Everything is fresh and updated. Many useless pages were deleted, but more useless pages are soon to come.
I updated a ton of things and moved a lot around(see
More Pages). I updated the About Me page, so check that one out.
I'm giving this place a fresh new look so there are updates on every page.

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