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Who is Timon anyway?

Timon in The Lion King was an outcast meerkat; a friend of Pumbaa the warthog. Very self-reliant, and quite the fast talker (like a used car salesman). He has a good heart, and he's really loyal. He stands about 6" tall. Need I say more? Yes. His motto is "Hakuna Matata" cute huh? It means "No worries" for the rest of your days. (I'll stop myself from breaking into a musical now)

It's me!

Timon Info:

Full Name: Timon Berkowitz
Date of Birth: unknown
Species: Meerkat (suricata suricatta)
Education: unknown
Family History: He was born in an African meerkat colony some call "Tatiana's Colony", knowing meerkat colonies he is somehow related to her through generations of inbreeding.

Appeared in: The Lion King, Simba's Pride, The Timon and Pumbaa Show, and various commercials
Musical appearances: Timon sang in "Hakuna Matata", "Can You Feel The Love Tonight", "Hula Song", "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "Yummy(I Got Bugs[Love in the real song] In My Tummy)", and "Stand By Me"

Astrological Sign: unknown
Voice: Nathan Lane, Quentin Flynn
Animator: Mike Surry
Diet: Bugs



- The word "timon" means "helm" in Spanish. What this this have to do with anything? I don't know!

-"Timon of Athens" is one of Shakespeare's tragedies. Surprisingly one of the character's name is Timon.

-Timon is a common name throughout Europe.

- In Paris at Euro Disney Timon has his own restaurant, the Hakuna Matata Cafe.

- Timon appears on many tangible items including plushies, cels, lithographs, t-shirts, PVC figures, porcelain figures, and he list goes on...

- There is a place named Timon. It is a small town just outside of Madrid, Spain(they have great parties there). 

- There's another town Timonium, Maryland. Well, it's like his name.