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Newbie Handbook

"Newbies, Oy!" -DEX

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I hope this helps anyone that's new to the TLK chatroom, or in some kinda Role Play, or any other disscusion thingy.

How to tell if you're a newbie:

-No one notices me
-People put me on ignore
-Others try to kill me
-No one likes me
-They think I'm annoying

Kimbano typed this handbook up one fine day. Its purpose is to educate new role players (newbies) about how to behave when role-playing. I hope you find this to be very informative, and that you will take heed to it's words. Being the newbie is hard mostly because the surfer hasn't got a clue what he/she's stumbled into. I hope this helps! ~Daven

Rule #1 of role-playing <RP>
- keep an open mind some people are strange
in character <char>.
You basic RP goes like this:
*to talk, simply type as if speaking.
*for an action use these<> . I.E. <walks over to a tree and lies down>

Rule #2
- go in to an RP with a background on your char I.E. name, animal,
family situation, history, etc. don't just try and go in and make it up on
the fly. True RPer's like myself can smell a newbie a mile away from up wind.
i suggest writing a short story about your char first before going in to an
RP room. This gives you something to look back to and keep your facts

Rule #3
- take notes on other chars you come in contact with get to
know them. They my come in handy someday.

Rule #4
- for your first time just watch if no one approaches you. Learn from the experienced RPer's. They can teach you a lot just be observing them.

Rule #5
- be creative. don't treat it like a regular chat room although it might seem like that sometimes. Help to move the plot along. Just like a good book there are good guys and bad guys and some guys who are just mean for first timers. Just be a good guy until the room gets to know you. Remember that even if you have your story,
and background the room does not. You must give them some background
on your char I suggest posting you story on the Internet at the site
where your room is and tell every one about it so that you don't have
to give out the some info over and over and over again. these are the
basic rules for a good RP.

If you have any questions feel free to
e-mail Kimban0@aol.com, and Tell your friends who
may be interested in RPing. Thanks!